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"Practical and impactful. I know with ICEO I reach my business objectives faster. We don't waste time on high-level theories, but we go straight to the point and get things done."

CEO of Inmanta, Stefan Walraven


"ICEO is my point of reference for receiving strategic information. It has helped us to solve big problems starting from small actions, across areas like product development, technology, sales and investment."

CEO of Blinkoo, Smeraldo Meminaj


"Thanks to ICEO we have built and implemented impactful initiatives. The work done in the last six months has led to savings of 20% of budget and generation of 15% more revenue."

CEO of Volumio, Michelangelo Guarise


"ICEO has been critical to raise our round of investment. It has helped us in the whole process, from building an effective investor deck, related documents, attracting investors, introductions to investors, and negotiation of the right conditions. Having closed the round, we are now focused on sales, organizational structure and managing investors."

CEO of Artiness, Filippo Piatti

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"Our strategic partnership with ICEO and its advisors has proven instrumental in our journey towards achieving product-market fit and scalability. Their guidance and expertise have been invaluable in identifying and enhancing the critical aspects of our business."

CEO of Reforestum, Diego Sanz

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