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Increase Sales. Faster. Smarter.

Personalized guidance and insights from world-class sales and marketing leaders.

Where is your biggest opportunity?


You need clarity on how to scale your business.


You want to find faster the correct pricing model.


You struggle to generate high volume of quality leads.


You need to find and build performing partnerships.


You need to increase a low conversion rate.


You want to stop losing clients against large multinationals.

Plug into ICEO to receive the necessary advice and insights to maximizie sales and scale the business.

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Be in Control of Sales Outcomes

Sales Strategy



Sales Tools

Indirect Sales

Pricing Model

Sales Process

Conversion Rate

Lead Generation

Marketing Plan

Value Proposition


Customer Experience

Top Executives

Work with the top growth leaders in your field.


Marc Toumelin

Founder, 10x growth of companies, former Marketing Director of Dassault Systems, Sales and Marketing Director of Microsoft, Coca-Cola and Ansy.

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This is why ICEO works:

Dedicated Executives

Surround yourself with a dedicated group of world-class sales and marketing executives to receive guidance and personalized insights.

Best Practices

Use best in class strategies, processes and tactics used by top multinationals and hyper-growth emerging companies.

Actionable Resources

Leverage tools, frameworks, maturity scores and practical material to accelerate your growth.

CEOs Testimonials

Our success is based on the success of the CEOs we support.


"Thanks to ICEO we have built and implemented impactful initiatives. The work done in the last six months has led to savings of 20% of budget and generation of 15% more revenue."

CEO of Volumio, Michelangelo Guarise

Join ICEO and Increase Sales!

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